Chase each other for years and then finally be, take and not give in anymore. So is the love story of Paolo and Danila, hearing the stories leaked in the speeches of their closest friends.

For many reasons I will never forget them, and the day that I have contacted. Their sweet e-mail has been a light in one of the worst days of my life. I felt very attached to them from the first moment, and also the feeling that we have seized Danila and Paul joined in ideas to make their wedding.

I contented myself with pleasure their claim for an almost total absence of the session: the classic photographs of couple have preferred something more lively, very street photography and lifestyle around the Centre of Florence, something different than usual.

Danila and Paul were married in the monumental Basilica of s. Lorenzo Church decked out with gypsophila delicate and elegant. Danila in her beautiful dress marked the brides of Egò has walked the aisle visibly excited, but his was a happy, joyful emotion shared by all relatives and closest friends.

Thereafter we moved to Podere Casanova: Danila and Paul wanted to enjoy thoroughly the embrace, laughter and companionship of their guests, friends and family; then the photo shoot of the cocktail hour was one of the most important parts of the wedding photo shoot, thanks to vitality of their guests who did not miss special moments and funny, which continued throughout the evening until late at night, dancing with the Group of “the Clan of Ribot”.

As always I would like to thank the faithful Daniela Nagarajan to be every time my right arm and the second mind that brings into play ideas and helps me realize mine. And I thank Danila and Paul, who will remain forever in my heart.

Finally, here are the words that Danila wanted to write for me:

Silvia is the top female photographers. Practical and imaginative, accompanied us on our wedding day making his “art” simple and accessible to me and Paul that we are not made for poses and smiles set. All our guests were dutifully taken in photos and no important moment has been forgotten. All strictly documented with freshness and repeat, simplicity because this had been asked! Professional and punctual and great photos! Extraordinary his colleague Daniela Nizzoli! Thanks girls! Obviously, yoghurt!

01-groom-getting-ready 02-preparation-groom 03-the-mother-of-bride 04-photography-getting-ready 05-groom-what-you-get 06-details-of-bride 07-shoes-of-bride 08-bride-getting-ready 09-maid-of-honour 10-getting-ready-in-florence 11-hairstyle-of-bride 12-dressing-of-bride 13-picture-of-marriage-Tuscany 14-wait-out-by-Church 15-marriage-in-basilica 16-marriage-basilica-san-lorenzo 17-entrance-the-groom 18-entrance-of-bride 19-wait-of-bride-photography 20-photographer-Florence 21-photographer-of-marriage-Florence 22-exchange-of-rings 23-married-in-san-lorenze 24-marriage-in-san-lorenzo-Florence 25-wedding-in-florence 26-photographer-wedding-Florence 27-launch-of-rice 28-cloister-di-san-lorenzo 29-photographs-to-pair 30-photographer-Florence 31-photography-creative 32-reportage-of-marriage-spontaneous 33-street-wedding-in-florence 34-photos-around-the-streets-to-florence 35-arriving-at-the-venue 36-wedding-venue 37-first-dance 38-wedding-in-florence 39-party-of-marriage 40-tuscany-light 41-wedding-in-tuscany 42-podere casanova-wedding- 43-getting married-to-farm-casanova 44-Games-of-friends-of-bride and groom 45-wedding-play-of-shoes 46-podere casanova-cake 47-installation-cake-a-view 48-cutting-the-cake 49-wedding-photo-casanova 50-dj sets-wedding 51-wedding-party 52-happy-couple

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Danila and Paul-16 July 2016

Church: Basilica di San Lorenzo-Florence

Office Hours: Podere Casanova-Grassina (FI)

Wedding gown: brides of Egò

Wedding Shoes: Atelier Emè

Music: the clan of Ribot