Same sex wedding in Florence – Linda and Bianca

3 May 2018

Once Upon a Time there was a strange, happy girl, a delicate and elegant girl, and the God of love that hugged them… same sex wedding in Florence.

Life is a long list of first times. As I always say, you cannot tell to have done something for the 100th time, if you haven’t done it the first time. The wedding of Linda and Bianca was my first same sex wedding in Florence, (my first same sex wedding at all!) first time approaching an “unusual” couple.

I loved them, from the first moment. Their behaviour, Bianca’s child happiness and love for the life, Linda’s sweet smile and kindness. Two different souls, that complete each other in an one, perfect couple.

Linda and Bianca married a Thursday of April that seems like June, the emotional ceremony celebrated in Palazzo Vecchio, surrounded by the joy of their famaily and friends, with the following reception “on the long wood table at Giuli’s house”. Giuli’s house is awesome Borgo I Vicelli, a location in true Tuscany style, perfect in any detail, where you can feel like you are in a faimly holyday. A perfect place for a wedding reception.

I had to tell a lot of things about Linda and Bianca’s wedding: their orange “maggiolone” car, Eusebio, settled up in the morning by themselves; all the local suppliers, every detail from their wedding came from someone around 10km from them; the twins-to-be, Folco and Libero, inside Linda’s belly, another big expressions of love, joy, and life…

Before let you continue with the photos of their same sex wedding in Florence, I leave to you a poetry, written by Bianca few days before the wedding. Everything came as she’s dreamed of, like the best fairtytale of them all.

(I tried to translate the poetry as my best).


“Then, when we’ll be at the lunch all together. On the long wood table, at Giuli’s house. I will start a speech.

And it’s certain, I will have drink too much. And I will have my wedding ring. At my finger.

It will be a good speech, but also a long one. Because it’s our wedding, and I will have a lot of things to say.

I want to start now. To tell it. Thank you for coming. Friends.

Thank you mum.

Welcome at the day of the days. To the lunch of the lunchs. And to the sunny day of the sunny days.

Hurray to the love.

Love, love, love.

Say it aloud. That everybody can hear.

At this table, we are all in love.

We all love Linda.

But me, I love her most. “


Love is Love <3

Ceremony: Palazzo Vecchio – Florence

Reception: Borgo i Vicelli – Bagno a Ripoli (FI)

Catering: Ristorante al 588 – Bagno a Ripoli (FI)

Flowers: Tutti Fiori di Meri Mugellini – Antella (FI)

Jewels: Gioielleria Giovannoni – Antella (FI)