Once Upon a Time...

Welcome in my world!

A world made of family and cats, love and passion, handmade objects, nerd stuff, videogames, tv series and wrestling.

A world of real fairytales, true emotions, freedom of being yourself.

Hi, I am Silvia!

something about me...

my second great passion is sewing: i sew myself a lot of my dresses and all the photoshooting dresses.

I got married on 1st june 2014 with daniele,

the most amazing human i could ever find.

istudied ballet for almost 15 years, i play piano and i acted in musicals and comedy in theatres.

I love handcraft and build things: one of my favourite trip is to go to bricolage shops!

Our sweet cat penny, the queen of our house, passed away in 2022 for a heart problem.

we miss her everyday.

I am a videogamer and a dungeon master.

I define myself as a nerd queen!

I had the enormous lucky to find early in my life my true love, and I live every day inside my personal fairytale, both in my life and in my work.

My mission is to portrait with my picutres your own fairytale, the real one, the one that you live in everyday and that you'll live in the special days of your life.

A neverending challenge

My Vision

Feelings - emotions - simple - clean

Portrait photography is a continuos and neverending trial: represent a person, his life, his feelings, his emotions, his thoughts in a one, simple, clean image on a piece of paper is very difficult. The job isn’t just take the picture: you have to work hard before, during and after taking it, you have to know the person that is in front of you, that ask to be photographed. You have to understand him and pull out everything, just to put it back in into the picture.

So why choose portrait, engagement, wedding photography as my path of life and work?
Because I love this. I Love to connect with people, be part of their life for a little bit, feel their emotions, their sensations, their thoughts on my skin, and put everything in the images.

The most beautiful place in the world

Dreaming Tuscany

i love my job. being a photographer in tuscany is wonderful. i live in one of the most beautiful and variated locations in the entire world, with its woods, the hills and the sun, with so perfect and warm colorsto make every picture seem a real painting, a piece of art.

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